Thursday, May 20, 2010

Affectionately know as......

I'm the master of nicknames. I don't know why exactly except that in some ways, it allows me to tell stories I wouldn't otherwise be able to tell. It allows me to protect the innocent although I never try and protect the guilty. It's simply one of the quirky things about me. I figure though if I'm going to be writing blogs I should at least do a casting call of the players in this beautiful medley of my life.

Main Characters
Husband - Crash, My Pet Monster, Lover Boy, Mr. Hockey, Mav, Sexy Beast (and any other random name I come up with as whim hits)

Son #1 - Attitude, George, Moe, The teen

Son #2 - Smidge, Dr. Ross, Larry, Thing 1

Son #3 - The (Crazy) Bull, DJ,  Curly, Thing 2

Our pooch - Mems, Mem Phi,  Memsy, and sometimes even her real name...Memphis Blue.

The BFF  - Zona or Z (we met on the playground in 5th grade. Believe me when I say, swing set friendships really can last 20 years! She has always known when my heart ached and without a doubt knows me better than I know myself..)

Supporting Cast
Beaumont - previous Marine who works too hard, loves her family and hates being kept in the dark about anything. Comes to me for advice, to vent and when she needs a swift kick in the butt.

Panda (also known as Big A) - Little sister and an exact opposite of me in all ways. We've been through a lot and are starting to find our way. She knows without question that I'll be there.
                  Big A's Offspring (all four boys) - Banjo Pete, Iz, Little A, and Newest Addition (who I haven't met so I have not yet named.)
                  Big A's Husband - Uncle Peach

Cajun - Sassy, Louisiana girl who is NOT Cajun but certainly has the attitude! She's had my back for the last 11 years and even though life gets busy, we always pick up right where we left off and I know that we'll be friends for the rest of our lives. She is one person who can always make me laugh.

Moms and Pops - My in laws

Sissy - My sister in law

Bella - No crazy name for her. She's not the type you give a nickname, too. She has always been the calming voice that says "It will be just fine." I'm learning she's right.

Crazy Man - My older brother and the reason Lover Boy and I met (a great story that will be blogged about someday soon, I promise). I guess my brother really is my keeper. I think I owe that man a drink!

The Intern - The President of the Lover Boy fan club. Every day she would say, "You're totally going to marry this guy." And that was before I ever even met him face to face. So much for subliminal messages! I think he owes her a drink!

Leileigh - Separated by miles and years but somehow that doesn't seem to matter. After 7 years, she's accepted the fact that sometimes I just disappear and I've accepted the fact that she's not just going to let me.

Nay - She has seen me at my best and worse just as I've seen her. We have more stories with Code Names than you would ever believe! (Aunt Jemima, Joe Dirt, Air Force One, Dr. Love) And I think what makes us even closer is that the villains in my stories are some of the same villains in her stories. Gotta love small towns!

Kayyon - The only teenage girl I know who really makes me wish that I had been given a daughter. The combintation of silliness, clumsiness and randomness makes her beautifully perfect.

Murme  - I met her simply because she was on the side of the road. I've seen her grow and change and start reaching for what she wants and I'm so very proud of her.

Baconator - The best boss I've ever had and in a matter of a few months we've also become very good friends and gym partners!

Veder - Ex husband #1 (named for his love of Pearl Jam and father to George)

Propane - Ex husband #2 (named for his propane heater installation business and father to Thing 1 and Thing 2)
Stocks - the horse girl who works at the farm and sometimes needs to hear my brutal honesty to set her straight.

Carey - wears ugly shoes and rides her bicycle for miles and miles. In spite of all that, she's one of the closest friends I have because she just listens until I can hear the answers for myself. And we never fight over the same pair of shoes in the store!'s a long list but there will be no quiz later. My nemesis didn't make it on to this list because really they don't deserve to. I'm learning who they are doesn't really matter. Given enough time, they'll fade away. I've probably managed to miss someone but for now this is a good start. I can add on as I go.....because who knows who might be waiting for me down the road!

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