Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Realizations...

Things I've Realized Lately....

1. If mice can make Cinderella's dress, then there's nothing wrong with buying mine at Goodwill.

2. The South is far more religious and patriotic than the North. They really mean it when they say "God Bless America!"

3. When my husband goes to PT, I slide over to his side of the bed and fall back asleep. But when he has Duty and is gone all night, I sleep on the couch so I don't have to be in the bed alone.

4. I don't always have to wait for my husband to call his parents because now they are my family, too.

5. Seeing MY words in print makes me cry. Hearing my husband say "I'm proud of you" does the same thing.

6. Laughter lingers.

7. Orange juice really does taste better in Florida.

8. Sun tea is good even in December.

9. My job isn't just a job to me and I'm slightly addicted to it.

10. I enjoy taking the Christmas tree down as much as I enjoy putting it up.

11. Chop Suey is STILL my favorite breakfast.

12. My dog knows when I'm sick.