Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dust Catchers

I have started to worry about our big move. As of this moment, nothing has been confirmed it's looking like we'll be heading to Oklahoma. It seems forever away and yet the days are flying right off the calendar and slipping down the drain before I have a chance to grab on to them.

I've started purging and cleaning. Drawers, closets, under the beds. Anywhere that "STUFF" can collect (and by STUFF I really mean junk). Seriously...TWO empty shoe boxes?? In case of what?? There is a shoe box shortage and I need a couple of spare ones? Good grief! Sometimes, I swear I don't know what I'm thinking.

I've pulled out 7 bags to go to Goodwill. 7 bags! And somehow I know that's just the beginning. Toys that aren't being used, clothes that aren't being worn, books that aren't being read. Things that aren't doing anything other than collecting dust and taking up room. Useless things that don't need to be moved and shouldn't have been kept. So I've started the cleaning, purging and donating. And yet I still don't know where or when.

 I've looked up Lawton, Oklahoma online because I firmly believe in being educated about the place I'm going to live. It's farmland there. Beautiful but flat. Hills but no mountains. Bushes but no trees. I can't help but wonder how life will be without trees. Funny the things you miss when you are going to be losing them.

I'm excited for the move. I'm ready to start life and begin fresh. I'm ready to kiss him every night and have my pillow smell like him in the morning (yes, My Pet Monster steals my pillow!).  I don't care where I have to go to get those moments with him. I've learned that it's not the name of the town that makes it home but rather simply all of us under one roof. Besides who said we can't plant trees??

The rest will come....